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Album: Move Me (demo)

All songs/music written by Leigh © 2003
Vocals: Leigh Stimolo
Guitar: Joe Haller
Bass: Jay Prokoyrm
Drums: Derek Dutra


Three song demo will be available soon on cdbaby.com:


It Ain't, 4:03

Let Go of This, 1:56

You Boy, 3:52


Album: Leigh (self-titled)

All songs/music written by Leigh © 2000
Vocals: Leigh Stimolo (*guitar/saxophone)

Lead Guitar: Ken B
Bass: Phil Laubner
Drums: Ross Jacobs


Seven song album is available on cdbaby.com:


Dodinka, 1:30*

Argentina Lasts, 3:30

Move Me, 4:17

Let Me Be Strong, 2:14*

Wait, 1:58

Flower Rocket, 2:14

He Makes Me Want to Want Him, 3:24